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As a non profit institution our goal for our candidates is they receive  the necessary education to practice serving the community as health professionals in the field of Naturopathic Medicine.                                           
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Does Menatal Health really exist
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Canadian Naturopathic Union 
The Quebec College of Naturopathy is the first College accredited by the CCNE, AMECC and the NMCC in Canada more...
Our Naturopathic Medicine college ...

Naturopathic Doctor, N.D. degree for Chiropractic  Doctors, D.C.   

Only 500 hours.        

Has the best ON-LINE Naturopathic Certification and Doctorate programs. Research and developement of natural products more...
Our home study programs....more...

Naturopath certificate (n.d.)

1000 hours, Naturopathic Medicine Doctor (N.D.)

5200 hours.


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